Doms № 1 -2022

Doms № 1 -2022 (43-48 p)

The role of an endocrinologist in the treatment of obese patients
Sayenko Y. A.


Excessive body weight is one of the most serious public health problems due to its consequences. Increasing prevalence of obesity among the population of different age groups in all countries in the world, and, in particular, the increase in cost for the providing the medical care, the decrease in work capacity, the reduction in life span, deterioration of people’s quality of life in connection with obesity is considered a disease, which has medical and social significance. Obesity is one of the most difficult medical and social problems of modernity. Obesity significantly increases morbidity, mortality, worsens the quality of life, is significant socio-economic burden. Overweight people often absent from work due to illness; obesity is associated with unemployment; adiposity and related diseases lead to disability; obesity is related with low academic performance; obese people are often subject to discrimination and social stigma. Its distribution is wide, tight connection with lifestyle and extremely high mortality from it consequences require combining the efforts of doctors of various specialties, as well as health authorities for the purpose of timely detection and implementation large-scale preventive and curative measures.

Keywords: excessive body weight, obesity, quality of life, public health, preventive measures.


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Received: 12.12.2021 

Revised: 05.01.2022

Accepted: 15.01.2022