Doms № 1 -2022

Doms № 1 -2022 (64-72 p)

Practical recommendations for storage of medication of insulin medications
Vlasenko I. O., Davtyan L. L.


Biological thermolabile medications, such as insulin, are sensitive to the effects of temperature, light, etc. Improper storage can cause insulin medications to break down, affecting its ability to be effective in control the level of glucose in the patient’s blood. Therefore, storage of insulin medications is an important aspect in ensuring its effectiveness and safety. Determining the importance of insulin storage scientists are conducting research on the risk of insulin freezing in household refrigerators. It was found that insulins were very often stored outside the recommended range (from +2oС to +8oС). Insulin that was subjected to freezing does not have full activity and its use melting leads to suboptimal glycemic control. This is especially important for young patients with diabetes mellitus (DM), who are more sensitive to changes in insulin activity and for insulin pumps users. Proper storage at home will help avoid unwanted episodes for patients with diabetes. Based on the analysis of international standards, recommendation, the latest scientific studies and instructions for the use of insulin medications detailed recommendations for the storage of insulins for patients with diabetes were developed. Attention is drawn to the high risk of exposure to temperature during storage and to prevention of these risks. Recommendations are developed from the point of view of practical application. Tips for storing insulin while traveling Separately formulated. The recommendations are designed to provide medical and pharmaceutical care for patients with diabetes and for training in diabetes self-management schools.

Keywords: storage, insulin, diabetes, recommendations.


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Received: 04.12.2021

Revised: 10.01.2022

Accepted: 10.01.2022